Group Fitness Classes in Smithton, TAS


Group fitness classes are a fun and interactive way to get fit and healthy. They are a great workout for all ages and fitness levels and help you to stay motivated. We offer a huge range of both land and aquatic group fitness classes every week to suit your exercise needs.


Group Fitness Benefits


The addictive nature of our group fitness classes means that you will see results faster. Our classes are accompanied by the hottest motivational music and cutting-edge exercise science to help you look and feel your best.


Catering to a range of ages and capabilities our instructors observe your body for signs of fatigue and will push your limits to ensure you get the most from your workout in a safe and motivating environment.


If you love being a part of a community, our group fitness classes foster a great community environment that makes you feel welcome, excited and keeps you coming back for more!


Our Range of Group Fitness Classes


Our range of group fitness classes are designed to accommodate people of all ages and experience levels. From high-intensity sessions to strength-based classes, we're sure to have the right class to suit your health and fitness goals. 

Virtual Group Fitness

Virtual Fitness classes are a great way to start your group fitness journey. Virtual Fitness classes are made accessible to everyone, at every level, and participants can workout at their own pace, making it a comfortable and fun environment for everyone!

Join our Group Fitness Classes


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